Cloud IT

The big buzzword in it today is the cloud everybody wants to be have their head in the clouds When it comes to the IT systems at VI mechanics we have extensive experience on migrating businesses over to the cloud we can offer you a range of customizable cloud solutions to make  migrating to the cloud easier and to make an easier transition for your company

One of the great benefits of cloud it as these very strange modern times have shown us is that people can that users can pick up their laptops or desktops head home and work from home not only with the light systems but with their phone systems as well be a mechanics we can help with all the hardware and software needed to get your business enter the cloud and giving your users the option for remote work.

As a Microsoft partner we can help migrate to Microsoft 365 I am fully utilized all of its many facets from identity to device management and security and even hosted apps and services in Azure.

Other services

Managed IT Services

Let us put your IT Support on Autopilot whilst you concentrate on moving forward on your IT Roadmap.

Networks & Internet

BI Mechanics is committed to delivering the best tools for your business there is no greater tool then high speed Internet 


IT Network in infrastructure attacks are expensive. Is your business safe from the threat of Cyber Attack

End User Training

At BI Mechanics we believe that everyone should be a power user of their PC. We can help create a training plan for you.