End User Training

With the money you are spending as a business owner on Microsoft 365 licenses as an example, it is imperative that you are users know how to use the software to ensure its fill capability.

By offering your employees training, you are not only helping them get the best out of their job but also minimizing things like phishing attacks cybersecurity issues and social engineered attacks on your business.

At BI Mechanics we believe in Digital Literacy for all and that all users MUST be a Power User of their own PC. With that in mind we can formulate a series of training sessions that are tailored to your users and their level of expertise.


Our Managed IT Service Plans

All of our plans comes with its own SLA and a very fast turnaround. And included Security training for all users. Give us a call today to discuss.

Other services

Virtual CTO

What is a virtual CTO and why do you need one? Can your IT systems survive without one? Ask us!

Cloud IT

There are so many options for Cloud IT Systems. Not sure which one is best for your business? We can help!

VOIP Telephony

VOIP or Voice over internet calling is a reality and will save you money on expensive PABX systems. Ask for a Quote today.

Microsoft Teams Calling

Utilise the Unified Communications already within Microsoft Teams and move all your calling over to Teams today. Ask us how!