Virtual CTO service

What is a Virtual CTO and why do you need one?

A virtual CTO is a technologist somebody who helps your business create a strategic plan and then helps implement that plan within a certain timeframe it is their job to keep up-to-date with technology work with specific vendors to ensure compatibility with existing systems and generally be the go to person for all your IT needs. At BI mechanics we can create that strategic road map along with your good selves help implement it I am provide user end user training and back up support as needed.

These strategic meetings essentially need to be done on a monthly basis with weekly email updates after what is happening on specific projects.

From a business owner point of view having a virtual CTO is a great asset without having to splash out on a full salary and if you check out our managed IT service plans it can be included for a small monthly fee.

Other services

Managed IT Services

Let us put your IT Support on Autopilot whilst you concentrate on moving forward on your IT Roadmap.

Networks & Internet

BI Mechanics is committed to delivering the best tools for your business there is no greater tool then high speed Internet 

VOIP Telephony

VOIP or Voice over internet calling is a reality and will save you money on expensive PABX systems. Ask for a Quote today.

Microsoft Teams Calling

Utilise the Unified Communications already within Microsoft Teams and move all your calling over to Teams today. Ask us how!